Starting New

Starting New

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There will always be changes in our life. It could be a new school or change of class, new job or new house all of these things can make us anxious because of the unknowns.

Be Positive

Start with a good attitude. This is really important, if you are not mentally prepared for whatever you are starting, what you encounter will be a lot more challenging. Realize that you are starting something new and it is normal to feel worried. Look at it as an adventure and a challenge rather than adding stress in your life.

Be friendly

Dealing with new people is always daunting. When we get nervous we lock ourselves into a bubble just focusing on what is happening to us , we forget to interact and meet new people. Before going in to the new surrounding take a couple of minutes to say to yourself I am going to be friendly to everyone I meet. Having a friendly attitude is a great way of making yourself and others feel at ease. Whatever you are up against in the new situation having a smile on your face will make it that little easier to handle.

A Safety Net

Try to keep in contact with something that makes you feel safe.  Having something or someone familiar around will help when faced with anxiety. Even if it’s something simple such as making your favourite sandwiches for packed lunch on your first week. Try to stay in contact with people that you trust by text or phone and perhaps arranging to meet up.

Make a Note

Write down how your day went – Keep a diary of how the new situation is going. Writing down your thoughts will help you let everything out and clear your mind for the next day. It will also help keep track on how the situation is going. Over time when you look back you will be able to see how much better things have become.


Breath it out. A lot of times when we are feeling anxious we hold our breath. Try instead, to focus on your breath. Bring your thoughts and breathing together moment by moment. Learn to relax. Find something that works for you it could be Yoga, exercise, reading or listening to music anything that diverts your mind in a restful way.  Having a healthy outlet will allow your body to rest and get a good night’s sleep.  This in turn will help you manage your anxiety and stress more easily.


Remember that change can be exciting for some but terrifying for others. There is no right answer, but it is  important to try to find the joy in starting something new and to remember what was unknown will very quickly become familiar.

Jessica Cuthbertson – CYP VOLUNTEER

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